Saturday, January 19, 2008

What makes buyers TICK or What makes users STICK?

I observe that most brand ideas are mere exploitative “buyer insight” used to create wow striking effect at the point of purchase, with an obvious intention to just get the products sold.
But we know that successful brands are built on “beyond points of purchase” insight that provides for an extendable brand meaning through the purchase-usage-disposal cycle..
It’s noteworthy that we have not sold a brand by creating attention or attraction, our eureka moment is when we have evoked a sustained endearment that guarantees repeat purchase or referral.
Gladwell in “The Tipping Point” called it “The Stickiness Factor:”

This therefore calls for holistic mapping of the purchase pathway or “road-to-purchase” to inspire a brand idea that addresses all the consumer issues especially post-purchase dissonance.

A great brand must continue to evoke positive feeling from the point of identifying the need, searching among alternatives, actual purchasing through usage and even at disposal.
For communicators, the metrics of a big idea is not just to get consumer’s attention but a robust platform that delivers beyond-usage affinity and loyalty.
(Picture from Linda Formichelli of Getting Work)

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Rendani said...

STICK or TICK the flow
i caanot but agree with you that we need an helicopter view of an endearing message to the consumers -either as a user or as a buyer