Monday, January 21, 2008

Transmedia Planning : the answer to media and cultural convergence

Henry Jenkins in his book “Convergence Culture” postulated the future of media usage as a “Transmedia storytelling” using Matrix as an example.
Great works of distillation has also been propounded by Faris and Ivan (owner of the attached picture chart) to explain this for the brand world.

I sincerely believe that the interconnectedness of the consumer world as an evolving TRANSUMER who is largely driven by experiences, discovery and variety (TrendWatch) supports the possibility of “smashing” the brand story into an unending soap opera, perfectly integrated as a continuum in different media aperture.

The idea is that rather than deploying different media apertures to communicate the same big idea, each channel is used to communicate different elements of the idea and yet everything still ties together by a brand narrative.
The narrative develop into a brand communities, in the same way that "The Matrix" generates knowledge communities , as consumers come together to share elements of the narrative (from movies, games, short clips etc.)

The sustainability of this multi-channel integration is the holding power created by the wildfire effect of the big idea narrative within social communities.
A transmedia strategy put lots of things out there, not necessarily expecting every person to see every piece, but creating enough interestingness that people will talk and eventually hear about pieces they haven't seen from someone.
Transmedia planning comes to challenge the long-held media-neutral thinking with a deliberate effort to empower individual media users and the power of the interrelationships that exist between us.


Rendani said...

Its like this transmedia planning is giving the final blow to media-neutral planning. Though i dont fully agree that an african market is mature for this

Femi Adeoye said...

We are always overwhelmed by new and latest invention but the caveat is the applicability in a third world market
i advise we stay put with media-neutral planning that we havent even fully mastered

Ijeoma_Adada said...

Can TRANS-media planning work for TRANSCORP?
I believe we dont need a tool that doesnt fit into our peculiar situation

Gbenga said...

I think transmedia planning would work if given a chance. With respect to the previous comments made, we must bear in mind that the Nigerian consumer, just his counterpart in the west, is being bombarded with messages on every front. Thus he becomes increasing innured to "overtures" by brands trying to get his attention.
I believe transmedia is the natural next step in brand planning. Afterall there are several consumer touch points now than there were 10 years ago. Therefore telling pieces of the brand story through different media at different times (taking into cogniscance the Zeitgeist) creates an exciting dynamic message.
With increasing complexity of media and communication and not enough time to grab the consumer's attention, media-neutral planning might not just be optimal.
The Nigerian consumer is way more sophisticated than most people think. Any brand strategist had better begin to horn his skills in delivering along this platform cause that is the future of branding as we know it.

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