Saturday, January 19, 2008

The future of our business is the “business of the future”

We are in the business of Strategic Planning not because of today’s consumer but because of the tomorrow’s prosumers who will become more sophisticated by the vagaries of superior evolution and cultural mutations that he would be subjected to.
I therefore find it a little difficult to fully align with Economist’s “Think small, think short” article on the future of futurology

So much as I appreciate the issues of extremity and shock effects synonymous with these Faith Popcorns; I believe the consumer must not outgrow our intellectual binoculars and capacity to decipher the future

We play Nostradamus not because of securing today’s market share, but to OWN a significant share of the unknOWN future.

I would rather postulate that while we attempt to see BEYOND, we must act ALONG.

(picture owned by Sylvia Wright of UCDavis Mag)


dremak said...

".....Like a diamond in the sky"...I wonder what consumer intelligence and business intelligence got to offer then?

Chinedu Obiora said...

Dremark i agree with you
I read the same article and was really concerned that they are getting overshadowed by the present day avalanche of information that they forget the bigger demand of playing Nostradamus
I agree with Bayo that the future of our business is the business of the future