Monday, January 28, 2008

Stranded for the Branded

Strands of noodles have found their way to the ever-creative Nigerian culinary landscape. They came like a big bomb and we are all witnesses of a STRANDED domination of the lucrative food category.
Our supermarket shelves are getting saturated with several brands calling for the elusive attention of the consumers –at least for a one-time trial. Some analysts actually called this a quintessential noodles’ war!

You only need to visit open markets to get entangled or STRANDED in their overwhelming struggle for reckoning with the “powerful trade/channel members”.
Everyone seems to be at the mercies of these businessmen who are running fast to open a factory as a form of business diversification or maybe exploitation with minimal differentiation. Like a STRAND, we have been twisted and entangled as slaves to their whims and caprices.

I see a traditional bandwagon effect coming true, rather than a true cause to expand the market by “exploiting” the inherent desire of the noodle-crazy Nigerians for “the next level” meal . I see a STRANDED market looking for fresh direction in terms of idea extensions that leverage established usage behaviour and defined attitudinal posture to meal-times. I believe we need to dig deep into the fundamental insight driving Nigerians to try new taste and capture their urge to adopt food that align with their existing palate within a defined meal occasion.
It’s no gainsaying that this segment is due for augmented innovations in form and in function

Who will champion a true revolution in this market? Who will de-entangle us from these STRANDS and lead us to the next level of innovation as the BRAND indeed.


Uche2007_q said...

Too much analysis is paralysis
I wouldnt fully agree with your "next level" call when the existing opportunities have not been fully maximised
Though i agree for the call for differentiation in form and function
Good stuff sha!

Femi Alawode said...

Whether you call it BANDWAGON or BRANDWAGON, the consumer needs are met at a competitive rate and everyone is fine
i think its rather too early to crucify the daring businessmen who are venturing into this category. Forget it's lucrative, it's more of a risk and we need to celebrate their guts

Chinedu_2006 said...

This STRANDED theory na wa o
Well, i think its rather early to raise RED CARD, lets wait and see what the market becomes
Good thoughts sha!

Fola_Ju2007 said...

I think we need to celebrate progression in form by Indomie with the launch of Jollof and the very successful pepper-soup variants. We must also commend the De-United food for being the true champion with the launch of 120g pack