Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here comes faithless brands

Every brand is in the business of building faith.
What faith? Faith in their product, people, process and performance.Its takes some measure of faith to buy a product in anticipation that it will deliver its basic core promise.

The faith dimension in brand followership captures what we believe, why we believe, and the depth of conviction we have for the things we believe in. purveyor
Modern brands are becoming more or less faith-purveyor, using their point of view to teach, persuade, convince, and even cajole people into embracing life-changing beliefs. Guinness is doing very well with Greatness and MTN’s GO clarion call is an all-time success.

However, every brand message is as good as the brand messenger because “True faith starts from within”. Internal stakeholders must first believe before you can make a believer out of somebody else. It’s “faithless” spending millions s of naira on high-impact advertising and brand communication programs, yet devote little or no resources to make sure people inside the company understand and “buy into” what the brand is all about.

It’s simply practising what you preach. i think someone should advise those that “touch the right spot” to learn to stop touching the painful side of the Nigerian “high fliers” or else they will “disVirgin” a global success story