Monday, January 7, 2008

One-word-equity and Mimee's Boom-sha-sha

I fully appreciate Lord Richard’s call for one-word equity as a coherent summation of the brand meaning into a simple trigger that allow for brand appreciation
I believe that every great brand becomes stronger by integrating its multi-variegated points of mental association into a central word that can diffuse its substantive meaning to the consumers
One good example that comes to my mind is what Boom-sha-sha has become for Mimee brand of instant noodle.

As a challenger brand in a near monopolistic market, the strategic challenge was to extend its relevance beyond the functional deliverable of a good taste.
It has to create a larger-than-life imagery to drive its road-to-market strategy. The brand leveraged the mystical power of a mnemonic built with strong expressive attitude as a way of securing consumer attention. It worked. Trial to exposure rate was very high…very high indeed.

The mystery surrounding “Boom-sha-sha“ is so deeply entrenched that consumers have come to associate their magical moments with the brand.
This finds a fit with the brand mantra “more to mee”


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Lolly Kay said...

Mimee commercial is good
Is Boom sha sha South africa