Thursday, January 24, 2008

The beautiful Dove for the Ugly ones

Dove "real beauty" campaign is a classical case of insight-driven ad that explored how a brand can address a contradiction in order to establish meaning and trigger affinity.
I have always believed that a brand is a product which has earned a place in consumers’ lives by "massaging" consumers' ego or sense of self until a mental relationship is built.
Douglas Holt captured it better in “How brands become icon” where he advocated that brands must deliver beliefs that the consumers can use to manage the exigencies of a world that increasingly threatens their identities. Brands must become a cultural activist and a social authority
"Exploiting" the research fact that ONLY 2% of women worldwide considered themselves beautiful is a great way to become the champion of the remaining 98% using a compelling philosophy that "Real beauty come from within"
Dove's advertising offers a democratized view of beauty to which all can aspire within a reality context of being yourself
Dove no longer sells soap. The company is so much more than a set of commodity products. Dove sells real beauty; natural beauty; non-superficial beauty


Collins said...

I am always excited at this campaign. The central idea is rich and can be used for the centuries to come
Great work from the house of Ogilvy

Rahesh said...

I think its just smart for brands to play such a DIVINER role by providing positive answers to well entrenched cultural challenges

A great brand like DOVE played that role and we can only adopt it as true worshippers